Freezer Paper Stencil Craziness

At some point I became obsessed with freezer paper stencilling… It is such an inexpensive and simple way to create custom pieces.  I made a bunch of stuff for friends and family for Christmas and here are some of my favorites…

A BMX shirt for my little brother…

A Cake t-shirt and a Killers jacket for my sister…

A handcycling hoodie for my friend, Tim.  This one needs a little more explanation.  Tim has Arthrogryposis, a term used to describe a number of rare, non-progressive conditions characterized by stiff joints and abnormal muscle development.  Tim started handcycling a few years ago and has since completed multiple handcycing marathons.  He has been featured in a few newspapers as well.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t wear this hoodie out in public too often, lol, but I know he puts it on sometimes when he goes out for a ride in the cold! 🙂

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