DIY Donnie Darko Sharpie Painted Vans Shoes

This is the second post dedicated to showing off my sister’s amazing art talent.  See the first one here.

For her birthday, she got some plain white Vans… Let’s just say she added her own *sparkle motion* to them from one of our favorite movies…

Donnie Darko on the left and Frank the Bunny on the right…

Closeup of Donnie… In the background is “Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?”

Closeup of Frank… In the background is “Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?”

Lyrics to “Mad World” by Gary Jules that plays at the end of the movie… (Fear and Love line is on the opposite side of the shoe…)

28:06:42:12 That is when the world will end…

She made them with sharpies and sealed with some shoe sealant spray stuff…

Yeah… we love Donnie Darko…

UPDATE: My sister now has an Etsy shop with shoes for sale here!

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8 Responses to DIY Donnie Darko Sharpie Painted Vans Shoes

  1. kalea says:

    i want them!!

  2. Dominic Slocum says:

    Can ou make another pair and sell them to me?

  3. Scott says:

    “sealed with some shoe sealant spray stuff…” Any idea what the sealant is actually called? i’d love to do something like this!

    • Scott, we’ve used a few in the past. One was purchased at Joann fabrics and it’s a spray on sealant for canvas/fabrics. I believe it may have been krylon brand. The other thing I’ve used is suede/leather shoe protectant spray which I got from the shoe store. Hope that helps! I’d love to see your finished product.

  4. Christina says:


  5. theresa says:

    I fell in love with these. You should definately sell them you would make money!

  6. This is great site and I am happy to have found it.

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