Transformed Chair

I attacked my first upholstery project recently.  We were in dire need of more seating in the great room and an accent chair was really the only option.  I found the PERFECT chair at Home Goods, but I decided to “think about it” and not buy it on the spot. (IDIOT!) I went back the next day and it was gone.   So, for over two months, this beauty was our accent chair:

I searched tirelessly online and could not find anything I liked nor anything inexpensive, so I turned to my BFF Craig (who actually has his own “list” if you can believe it!) for a cheap chair to DIY.  I found this chair for $10.

It actually wasn’t horrible in its original form, but it was a little dingy, and I wanted some more black to balance out our huge (ugly) black couches.  I kind of winged the process, removing things piece by piece and trying to remember how they were attached.  Here she is getting all painted.  Please excuse the pile of skulls and bones in the background, I promise it’s a Halloween decoration.

I brought the chair inside after it dried, and let’s face it, it sat like this for at least a week.

Here it is with the back and sides stapled on, and the tufting buttons added.

And finally, here it is in all her glory.

And because I’m sure you would love a good cost breakdown, here it is:

$10.00 – Chair from Craigslist

$12.49 – 2.5 yards of fabric @ 9.99/yd minus 50% coupon

$4.16 – remaining yardage on the bolt of fabric for half off

$2.09 – mustard yellow remnant fabric for accent pillow

$5.37 – piping for cushion

$2.49 – zipper for cushion

$21.12 – trim and fabric glue

$10.54 – button cover kit

$68.26 – TOTAL

Not too bad considering most accent chairs are in the $200-300 dollar range.  However, in hind sight, there are a few things I would do differently.  I bought everything I needed at Jo-Ann’s, with coupons, but I would do a little more online shopping next time.

For example, a quick google search showed that I could get 50 covered buttons for the price I paid for 15, and that would leave lots of left overs for future projects! Bummer…

I would also look online for the trim needed to cover up the staples.  Jo-Ann had a horrible selection; everything was shiny and ugly looking.  I found ONE trim that wasn’t awful that would work for me, but it took over an hour of searching.  There are many online stores that seem to carry upholstery trim so I’m sure there would be a lot more options.

I’m marking this as completing #14 of my 101 Goals in 1001 Days challenge!

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9 Responses to Transformed Chair

  1. Kristen says:

    dude i need to see this chair in person, i loveee the way it turned out

  2. I LOVE this chair – I want to tackle this type of project myself this fall… Way to go!

  3. Gail says:

    I own almost the exact same chair–it belonged to my grandmother! The back on mine is open between the cushion and the back, but the legs are the same style and it has the same cane sides. I had mine reupholstered many years ago. Yours looks great!

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  5. sure, Halloween decorations…..(wink)

    One of the BEST transformations I’ve seen! Love it.

  6. Great Job! It turned out soooo much better! I know what you mean about Joann’s selection being kinda so-so. I love ordering from, they have great prices, you can always find a promo code and almost always free shipping. Good luck in your next project. I can’t wait to see it! Thanks for checking out my blog.

  7. Linda Hyams says:

    I love your chair. That is exactly what I want to do. Did you actually sew any of it or is it all stapled? It is stunning!

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