DIY Silhouette Canvas Art (Budget Friendly!)

I’ve been loving silhouettes lately.  They seem to be everywhere but I have not tired of them! I needed some cheap art to put on a picture ledge in our bedroom.  I was able to make 3 large canvases for under $6 total!  Here is the how-to…



Art canvases (size of your choice)

Full sheet label paper



Paintbrush or roller



1.  Take profile pictures of your subjects against a blank wall.  If you have a really fidget-y subject (such as a 5 month old Doberman puppy) you may be at this for a while! 🙂  For best results, keep the same distance away from the wall for all the subjects.



2.  Print out the photos on the label paper.  Cut out around the faces, capturing as much detail as possible.  Stick the labels onto the canvas in the spot you wish. 

3.  Paint over the entire canvas as well as the edges.  The label will act as a stencil and keep the canvas white in those areas.  For best results, paint starting on the label and moving away towards the outer edges of the canvas.  This will prevent bleeding.

4.  Remove the labels before the paint is fully dry.  If you wait too long, it could peel some of the paint off the canvas along with it.

5.  Let the canvases dry fully, and you are done.  Enjoy!

And because I’m sure you would love a cost breakdown:

Canvases – <$3 (sold in 2 packs at Michael’s, bought during 50% off sale which could be combined with an additional coupon, so I stocked up and got a bunch of different sized canvases all for about 50 cents to a dollar each)

Paint – <$3 (I brought my pillow sham into Home Depot and had them paint match the color to it; I had to buy the Behr tester sample which was about 2 dollars and some change, and I still have plenty leftover)

Label paper– Free (leftover from my wedding candy buffet project; you can find it at any office supply store and it should be no more than ~$12, and you will have a bunch leftover for future projects)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you make any of your own!

{P.S. I am linking up to the CSI Project and the Silhouette Party at This Blessed Nest!}

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12 Responses to DIY Silhouette Canvas Art (Budget Friendly!)

  1. Very cute!! I love that you did it on yellow!

  2. Yup…gonna have to make myself some of these! 🙂

    Thank you!


  3. 1bellastager says:

    These are awesome. I especially like the yellow & white together. So modern & fun!

  4. CUTE! I love these, Amanda! And I love that your doggy got one too! 🙂 Love the yellow and white!

  5. Ruth H. says:

    What a great idea! I, too, like your color combination. Yellow is so unexpected with silhouettes.

  6. Candice says:

    I LOVE those! Definitely going to have to try it!

  7. robin says:

    Great idea! Looks wonderful!

  8. Lyssa says:

    I love the contrasting colors you used!
    What a cute idea 🙂

  9. Tammy says:

    I love these!! I can’t wait to do this for my family!
    Visiting from The CSI Project.

  10. love that you included your dog! i did too in my lamp shade. after all, they are a part of the family! such a great art project for your ledge.

    thanks for linking up to the silhouette party!

  11. Jess says:

    i love these! great color choice, too!


  12. Corinna says:

    These are adorable! And you make it sound so easy! 🙂

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