Have you heard of Regretsy???

REGRETSY?!  Their tagline is “Where DIY Meets WTF,” and that is exactly what it is.

This site is seriously hilarious.  I have seen these sorts of items myself while perusing Etsy and thought to myself, are you kidding me?  Sometimes I check the sales history to make sure nobody has actually sold any of them.

Here are some of my recent favorites!

Original listing here. And yes, she has sold one of these. 

Original listing here.  This item has 7 hearts.  Are you kidding me people?

Original listing here.  The bad news is that she has sold a few for dogs, but many more for humans.

Original post here.  She has actually sold one.  I pray that the person who wears it does not look as creepy as this guy.

I feel like this would be perfect for date night.  No?

If you haven’t checked out Regretsy, you are missing out.  It’s like Lamebook meets People of Walmart meets horrible craft, and I love it.

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One Response to Have you heard of Regretsy???

  1. Candice says:

    There are NO words!!!

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