Thrift Store Scores

I got away from thrifting while I was in college (ironically, since that’s when you’re the most broke, right?).  Ah well, I was too busy studying or something (haha, riiiiiight).  But I’m back in full swing now! And the best part is, now I have a house to decorate with my treasures!

First, I got a branch candle holder.  I believe it was $2.50, and since I am obsessed with all things trees, I had to have it.  It’s hard to see in the picture, but the price tag said $52 dollars.  The man working at the store said it came from a boutique going out of business.  (I wonder why when you are selling candle holders for $52!)

Next, I found a brand new, still in the package, “Personal Library Kit” by Knock Knock for $2.  It retails for $16!  I got it for my sister who is an avid reader and loans books out to people all the time.  Plus I knew she would think it was cute.  She left for her first year of college today and made sure to bring it with her!

And, last but not least, my favorite find was this adorable hand carved owl!  It was $3 and I couldn’t turn it down.  I have a thing for birds and owls; don’t ask me why.

I also found a really cool Anthropologie looking kitchen item.  Stay tuned on Friday for the makeover!

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