Anthropologie Inspired Kitchen Canisters

I found this set of pretty beat up kitchen canisters at the thrift store.  They were on sale for 50% off, so $2.50 for the set of 4!  I thought they were very Anthropologie (not that I’ve bought anything from there in my life, *sigh*).

I wanted to use them as accessories on top of my cabinets, but they are almost the same color as the cabinets.  I wanted to give them a bit of a pop.  So, naturally, I set up a sweat shop in my garage to give them a few coats of Rustoleum’s Heirloom White.

Please ignore the IKEA mirror makeover, since that will be saved for another post ;-).  Also ignore the edger that the mister shoved in MY area and the bike with two flat tires.

I love the way they turned out.  So vintage in my opinion, and if I ever run out of cupboard space I could certainly store the flour, sugar, coffee, and tea in these beauties.  I’m still debating whether or not to take some sandpaper to the engraved parts to make the words and flourishes stand out more.  Thoughts???

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8 Responses to Anthropologie Inspired Kitchen Canisters

  1. I think you should def take the sandpaper to it – it will give it a bit of dimension and help with the vintage-y look I htnk you are going for!

    totally great find!!!! Love them!

  2. Kristen says:

    deff sandpaper, the pictures show that its a lil bit underutilized 😛
    collleggeeee! im gonna thrift and send you pics:)

  3. I stopped by your blog, Lindsay, but couldn’t find a comments area… Wanted to let you know I loved your antique show finds!

  4. michelle says:

    sandpaper would be great, and think about antiquing glaze to really make the labels pop!

  5. Cassie says:

    it is amazing what white paint can do- those were pretty dated and ugly, and now they are pretty pretty!

  6. instead of sandpaper, i’d use some dark stain and to bring out the recessed areas.

    looking great though! i think white paint is magical!

  7. I am visiting from the CSI. I am enteries number 86, 87, 88 and 89.
    Thos are FABULOUS. Great Job and great DEAL.

    Cheri from and

  8. Yeah I was going to suggest glazing as well. It’ll make your details really pop but only in a subtle way.

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