Eddie Gets a New Cookie Jar

May I introduce you to Eddie?

This picture was taken the first day we met him (along with his brothers and sisters) at the breeder’s house.  We had first choice of the black and rust doberman pups…

Would it have even been possible not to choose this cutie???

Among his favorite things to do are…



…people watching…


…going to Partridge Creek (a dog friendly outdoor mall)…

…and playing football.  He can juke us in the backyard like a pro!

And just to keep it real, one of his not so favorite things, wearing a cone after being neutered… 😦

{I promise we did not want him to wear this, but he licked the cayenne pepper strips the vet put “down there” so we had no other option to save the stitches!}

These pictures are super old.  In the last picture, he is around 30 lbs, and now, he is around 50 lbs and is almost 6 months old!  I am a horrible person for not taking more pictures.  Look for some updated pics soon.  In the meantime, check out Eddie’s awesome new thrifted cookie treat jar!

I am a fan of both typography and linguistics so when I saw this baby for $2 I snatched it right up!  Here it is in its new spot in the kitchen:

Eddie loves it too because he hears the clank of the ceramic when we are getting him a treat! 🙂

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2 Responses to Eddie Gets a New Cookie Jar

  1. puppiesnews says:

    Puppies grow up so quickly, don’t they?! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures of Eddie and I’m sure he’ll adore his new cookie jar ( I know I would! )

    DeeannaPuppies Seeking Homes
    Puppies Seeking Homes Blog

  2. xboxfreak127 says:

    Eddie is so adorable!

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