A Good Weekend

I turned 23 on Saturday and spent the weekend in a whirlwind of birthday celebration!

Friday, we went out with my family to PF Chang’s for a delicious dinner.  My sister came home from college to be there and my dad was in town as well (he’s on a work assignment in Oregon).  The mister and I got Red Wings tickets and U of M football tickets, so I foresee some tailgating in our near future!  My mom found an old caricature at their house from when I was 9 and Red Wings obsessed, and she slipped the tickets in there.

{Did I just post this picture on the internet???}  And to answer your question, yes, I did look like a dorky little boy when I was younger…

Saturday, we went to the cider mill for some delicious cider and donuts.

We brought Eddie along since they have a fantastic walking trail near a creek.

It was his first time in the water (besides the bathtub) and he loved it!  It was also his first time seeing these really funny looking farm dogs… 😉

Then, we went to visit my cousin and let Eddie play with his canine cousins…

I might venture to say that Eddie had even more fun than I did on my birthday!  Later, the mister and I had a delicious dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant.  Yum.

I also got two new party board games from the mister that I can’t wait to play.

Sunday, we played an awesome game of flag football and my friend Krysten made cookie dough cupcakes for the team for my birthday.  You read that correctly, cookie dough mixed with cupcakes.  Could there be anything better?  And she also got me an awesome vintage Tiger’s jersey off eBay that I have been searching for forever.

Another thing that made my day was that I was featured in the Top 10 Projects for the Party Ideas Challenge at the CSI Project!  {I entered my Juno themed baby shower party inspiration board post.}

This was definitely a fun birthday surprise since I spent a lot of time on that post and it was great to see so many people enjoy it.  I’m crossing off #42, participate in a competition, on my 101 goals list.  The winner chosen by this week’s guest judge was an adorable robot party.  Even though I can’t cross off #43, win a competition, I’m super excited that I was one of the 10 featured projects of over 160 entries!

I also have a plan to spend my birthday money this week on something I’ve been wanting for a while… Stay tuned to see what it is!

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