Halloween Party 2009 Flashback

Happy October, everyone!  October is one of my favorite months because it means football season is in full swing, cider and donuts are a perfectly acceptable choice for a meal, and, of course, Halloween is in the air!

I thought I would start the month off right with a recap of the party we threw at our house last year with the help of our friend Krysten.

We did a costume theme of “envy” and asked everyone to dress as someone he or she would want to be.

I was slightly scared since my husband and friend were envious of mobsters, while my two other friends were envious of Joe Dirt and the Joker!  Can you guess all the costumes?  Here are some of my favorites paired with their inspiration:

A Peach from A League of Their Own…

Sully the Pilot…

The Joker…

And the Flight of the Conchords! (That is my sister and I…)

We made TONS of food.  A few things on the menu were brain Jell-O, Graveyard Pudding, Witches’ Fingers, Breadstick Bones with Blood Sauce, and Buckeye Eyeballs.

We ate, drank, rocked out, and played mafia into the wee hours of the night.  So fun!

We have already started planning this year’s shin dig, and I can’t wait to share those details with you too!

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4 Responses to Halloween Party 2009 Flashback

  1. flight of the concords is too funny. i don’t watch/listen, but i knew right away who it was supposed to be. that is great! wanted to answer, and can’t email you…the top vintage looking book is from old navy. crazy, right? the green book was a free one from the library, not sure which you were referring to. thanks for stopping by the cape on the corner!

  2. what a fun party!! i love to look at adult costume ideas too… thanks so much for linking up and sharing with us!! hope this years party is just as fun!!

  3. Jami says:

    This looks like a blast. Thanks for sharing. I just love seeing other people’s costumes!

  4. Looks like a fun party and great food!

    I am having a Halloween party and costume contest on my blog. Enter to win!

    Party and Entertaining Inspiration

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