A Case of the Mondays

I have had a serious case of the Mondays this week. 

First, I noticed that one of our gutters had blown off of our house in a wind storm.  No big deal, but pretty obnoxious. 

Later, I went downstairs to get some Halloween decorations only to discover that our basement was flooded.  The sump pump needed to be replaced.  (Perfect timing… right outside of our one year home warranty coverage.) 

Most importantly, though, we had quite a scare regarding Eddie.  He was with my in-laws while we were at work and apparently was choking and not breathing very well.  He had done the same thing the day before but we thought that his treat had just gone down the wrong tube because he was fine 10 minutes later.  He continued having trouble, so my in-laws rushed him to the vet.

The vet ended up removing many small pieces of rawhide from his throat that she said had probably been accumulating for a while.  When Eddie eats, he doesn’t like to chew very much, which is why we water down his food and break up his treats into small bites, just in case.  We didn’t realize though that the bones he loves to chew on were indigestible and getting lodged in his throat.

Eddie is doing OK, but he has a swollen throat and some pain pills for the next few days.  He has not been his usual energetic self, though.  We will no longer be giving him any sort of bone, rawhide treat, or other chew toy which could possibly have pieces fall off of it.  I am so thankful he was with my in-laws when it happened so they could take him to the vet.

I wanted to share this information about the rawhide because I’m hoping something good can come from this experience.  The vet told us that she deals with this problem quite often.  She is appalled that rawhide is still sold in all the pet stores as if it’s good for dogs.  She said she has had to cut open many dogs to remove the indigestible rawhide when it gets lodged somewhere in their digestive system, and even if it doesn’t come to those extremes, the rawhide can tear up many organs on the way out.  This is something that we were never told, so I assume there are others out there in the same boat.  I hope that if you have a dog you will take caution when giving him any sort of rawhide and that you will spread the word to your friends.

Unfortunately, there is more… On Tuesday, Eddie had to be taken to the vet again because he has been limping on one of his front paws.  The vet believes that he either pulled a muscle or has a soft tissue tear; the bones seemed to be OK.  Eddie now has another medication to take and has to stay in his crate 24/7 for the next 7-10 days.  I’m pretty sure that will be as torturous for us as it will be for him.  He had us up the entire night last night whining since he was in his crate during the day, and just wanted to be with us at night.  Today, his leg is worse than it was yesterday and we are debating if we should take him back to the vet (for a third time in three days) to get X-rays, just in case. 

Before we got this puppy, I did not want a dog at all.  Now, I love this little guy; he can cuddle with me and lick me all day long if he wants to.  (No other dogs are allowed to lick me though because that’s just gross! :-p)  It breaks my heart to see him in pain…

So, that has been my week.  I hope you will forgive me if I don’t have a post ready for Friday.  I will probably still be cleaning up the basement and trying to make Eddie as comfortable as possible…

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4 Responses to A Case of the Mondays

  1. Veronica says:

    Awww! Poor Eddie. 😦 Hope he’s doing better. Rawhides are a killer, literally. My sister and I have refused to give them to our dogs for that specific reason. Sucks noone told you sooner. Not sure if you’ve discovered them yet but Nylabones are amazing!! Depending on how much Eddie chews they can last for quite a long time. Roman had a Goliath one that lasted him forever. They have all different shapes, sizes, purposes….clean teeth, ones with toys in the middle….. Just be careful cause they can get pretty heavy and we’ve nearly had a couple holes in our walls. :-p Hope his paw/leg gets better soon too!!

    • Veronica, thanks for the comment… At least now we know about the killer rawhides! I found it funny that when I went to Petco to get him some sort of nylabone or rubber thing to chew on, I had to walk right past a “rawhide bar.” Pathetic. We ended up getting some x-rays from a different vet, and it is “panosteoitis” a.k.a. growing pains, so that’s good news! Low activity and no running or jumping along with some anti-inflammatory pills…

  2. Veronica says:

    Yeah, it is pathetic. And what’s even more pathetic is how many people give them to their dogs unknowingly and how many vets don’t warn against them!

    Glad he’s just got growing pains. 🙂 That’s what happens when you grow so freaking much so fast, lol. If you guys ever have questions about anything about him, feel free to ask me….my sister has been a vet practice manager for like, 8 years now. I go to her far too often, but hey, it’s better than wracking up the bills at the vet clinic.

  3. Sally Cleghorn says:

    Sorry about all the happenings at your house. We never had to deal with sumppumps until we built the house on Orpington. But when they fail to do their job ~ what a mess! Also, sorry about Eddie. I never knew about the rawhide being that dangerous. You would think these products would be tested before putting them on the shelf. Well, gotta go. I’m still catching up since our trip. Love, Grandma

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