Halloween Party 2010: DIY Coraline Halloween Costume

Coraline was by far one of my favorite movies of last year.  Not only was the storyline great, but the stop-motion animation was breath-taking.  It is also incredible that everything in the movie was completely made by hand.

I knew that Coraline would make for a great inexpensive costume this year, so I set out to make it happen!  Here are the photos I used for inspiration:

{First photo found here.}

The major components are yellow rain boots, a yellow raincoat, a blue wig, and a dragonfly hairpin.

I bought these boots a while ago from Target for $25.  I wanted them as an easy slip on shoe to let the pupster outside when it’s wet or snowy.  {Perhaps I was channeling my inner Coraline?}

Next, I was on the hunt for a suitable raincoat.  I must warn you that it was much harder to find an adult sized yellow raincoat than I had anticipated.  I searched everywhere online and at least 6 thrift stores.  The cheapest raincoat I found online was here, but it was sort of ugly and $30 is not the level of “cheap” I wanted to spend for something I’d never wear again.

I instead bought an industrial raincoat from the hardware store.  They came in a package with a hood and overall type pants for $15.  It was HUGE.

I really did not want to go through the hassle of altering it to fit, and luckily my mom came to the rescue.  She found me a yellow coat at a thrift store for $10.

I made a few changes, like removing the white portions, the metal fasteners, and the drawstring waistband at the bottom.  It was a quick and easy fix, but the hardware store raincoat is definitely an option if you can’t find one elsewhere. {I found that the raincoats from the hardware store are online for cheaper, but with shipping it comes out to be about the same.}

Next, I set out to find a dragonfly hair pin.  The ones I found online seemed to be at least $15 since they were handmade, but I knew I could whip one up inexpensively on my own.  A trip to Joann’s yielded everything I needed.

I found the dragonfly pendant in the bead section for about $2.50 and some hair barrettes near the kids crafts for $1.50.  I simply bent the rings back on the dragonfly to hide them and used some thin wire that I had around the house to attach it to the barrette.  Hot glue would probably work too but I didn’t want to mess with it! :-p  Total cost for the clip: $4.00.

Last, I needed a  sweet blue wig!  I found mine at one of those temporary Halloween brick and mortar stores for $10, but it can also be found online here for $20.

{For some reason Eddie gets really scared of me when I wear this wig… He snatched it out of my closet one day and started chewing on it!} 

I put the finishing touches on the look with some dark skinny jeans and some freckles.  Here is the finished product:

The best part is, it only cost me $24 since I already had the boots!  What do you think?  Would you have recognized my costume?  Sadly, 90% of the people at this party had not seen Coraline so there were only a few who even knew who I was.  {Why do I have friends with bad taste in movies??? :-p}

Stay tuned for the Halloween party pictures each day this week!

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4 Responses to Halloween Party 2010: DIY Coraline Halloween Costume

  1. Super cute! I want a blue wig for my costume too but can’t seem to find one…must keep looking.

  2. Carol says:

    Awesome thank you!

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