Halloween Party 2010: The Decor

We decorated the house to give the feel of a haunted mansion, which to me meant anything creepy yet classy.  Think “The Munsters” style.  There were…

Creepy lighted Halloween portraits on the mantle…

Spell books and skulls…

Severed body parts here and there…

Little mice scurrying around…

Bats in flight…

And specimen jars with witches’ fingers, skeletons, and eyeballs.

Even the bathroom got a makeover!

Outside, the walkway was lighted with some DIY lighted milk jug pumpkins…

{Bonus points: I challenge you to come up with 13 different pumpkin faces using only the standard carving shapes.  It is harder than you would think…}

All in all, I think we pulled the Haunted Mansion look off fantastically with the decor.  Tomorrow’s post: food!  Nom nom…

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2 Responses to Halloween Party 2010: The Decor

  1. jlukezich says:

    I have a question about your Milk Jug pumpkins. Did you paint the jugs or did you use orange lights?

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