How To: Save Money on Clothes

I love to shop.  I’d rather have new things here and there than buy only one thing that’s more expensive.  I just get bored of wearing the same things over and over!  Needless to say, I’ve found some ways to save money on clothes so that I can indulge my shopping habits without breaking the bank.

1. Shop the thrift stores.

Resale stores are definitely one of the most effective ways to save money on clothes.  I’ve scored tons of amazing clothes at thrift stores over the years.  They are especially ideal for those that love shopping.  Personally, I get bored with seeing the same items over and over again at retail stores.  I love the thrill of the hunt.  I love sifting through racks of junk to find those few awesome scores.  Instead of window shopping for things that will break my budget, I shop the thrift racks and have confidence knowing that if I find anything I want, I can buy it guilt free. 

My sister recently scored this vintage Ralph Lauren blazer with leather patches on the elbows in perfect condition.  It was $3.  And yes, we fought over it.  Here she is in all of her tweedy beauty.

Keep in mind that many thrift stores have sales on certain days of the week or months beyond the everyday sales.  It’s worth it to go on those days if you can, because the savings can really add up! 


2. Shop the clearance racks, but not just for your size!

Obviously, shopping the clearance racks are a good way to save money.  However, you can often find better items or save more money by buying an uncommon size and modifying it to fit your needs.  The most common sizes are often very picked over, and you won’t find anything too special.  Most stores place excess merchandise in uncommon sizes at a further discount than the more common sizes.  For example, I recently scored two dresses at Target for 75% off simply because they were size L; all I had to do was take in the seams on the side and I scored two awesome dresses, brand new, for under $5 a piece.

Another thing to do with clearance items is alter them into a completely different piece.  There are TONS of tutorials that show you how to transform a basic item such as an XL t-shirt or dress into something fabulous.  This is what I consider cheap clothing combined with free entertainment; you get a fun project to do and a cute outfit to wear when you’re done!  Some of my favorites are the Shabby Apple dress knock-off, the DIY Anthropologie ruffle dress, and the DIY Anthropologie lace cardigan.


3. Sign up for the email lists.

It is unbelievable how much money you can save just for being on the mailing lists. Most stores will send you coupons for money off when you make a minimum purchase of something higher than that.  However, there are some that will literally send you free stuff! 

For example, Victoria’s Secret sends out a coupon for a free panty practically every month; there is no purchase necessary and you walk in and out without paying a dime.  The Limited sends out coupons for $15 off a $15 purchase all the time; you can at least get a new undershirt for that price in there!  Also, Kohl’s and JCPenney’s often send out $10 off any purchase.  I’ve gotten lots of free seasonal decor at Kohl’s with those coupons, and recently I got this awesome I<3Ronson brand skirt from JCPenney for $0.50 because it was on clearance for $10.50!

Keep in mind, you may want to set up a separate email account for things such as this so you don’t have a million coupons clogging your everyday inbox.


4. Shop online.

Some of my best deals on clothes come online.  In many cases, there are free shipping coupons and you can return the items to your local store if they don’t fit you, so there is no risk.  There are a million coupon codes out there for online shopping, and I use Slickdeals to keep me up to date on the best deals.  Slickdeals is basically a forum where users can post deals they find elsewhere on the internet.  Here are some of the deals I’ve been tipped off to from Slickdeals.

A cute vintage look Tiger’s hoodie for $5, an awesome Colts fleece for $7, and some $1 little girls sandals to donate… These items would be WAY more if you purchased them from a sporting goods store or department store.

From the recent Hot Topic clearance sale, I scored some t-shirts from some of my favorite bands and TV shows from $3 to $5 a piece…

{Note to self: Buy a full length mirror for the house… Pictures of clothing on hangers look pathetic.}


What do you think?  Did I miss any other good ways to save money on clothes?  Are there any other areas in which you’d like tips on how to save money?  I’m running out of money saving topics! 😉

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