Team Alphawolf

A big part of my life over the past few years has been my involvement with Team Alphawolf.  I’ve been playing flag football with these amazing people for at least five years now.  We’ve grown as a team as well as friends and I cannot fathom the day when we will not be playing together anymore.

This past weekend, we competed in the semi-finals of the Competitive Division Fall Championship.  We had an unusually “off” game, and ended up losing, but it was still a really fun season overall!  Here is a look at Team Alphawolf through the years…

This is the oldest picture I could find and I’m thinking it’s circa 2008…

The first time we got our act together to take a team picture…

The following series of pictures were taken during the championship game on June 21, 2009. {Yes, this is the day after our wedding; there was no way we were missing the championship game, so we flew out to our honeymoon destination in the evening!}

Some big catches…

Me, getting some yardage after completion with my wedding up-do still in tact…

Krysten striving for the end zone…

QB Geo with his game face on…

It’s a good thing we decided to play on that morning after the wedding… We ended our undefeated 9-0 season with our first Championship!  What an awesome weekend… getting hitched and winning the Championship!

Note: Little Jake in training, handsome hubby on the right, and our biggest fan, “Grandpa,” in the back.

And last but not least, some pics from the playoff games this season…

It went from summer to winter one week later!

Thanks Alphawolf for so many great seasons… Here’s to many more!

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2 Responses to Team Alphawolf

  1. Katy says:

    Love these pictures and the tribute to a sport that you and Nate love so much! Thanks for being such a great friend to my sister!

  2. Geo J. Thomas says:

    Awesome! I’m only sad we didn’t unite sooner….Oh wait, half the team was still in high school (lol).

    The best adult sports team I have ever been on. Awesome people!

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