Halloween Cupcakes

I realize everyone is probably sick of Halloween at this point, but I just received pictures of some adorable cupcakes that my mom and aunt made, and I had to share!

Some closer shots…

Eyeballs and pumpkins…



And spider webs!

So cute!  I’m not sure which recipes they used, but if they taste anything like my aunt’s other cupcakes, I’m sure they were awesome.  I come from a family of talented bakers, but was not blessed with the baking gene.  I can make delicious things out of a box but from scratch is a different story.  I think it’s because baking has to be so exact with the measurements and ingredients; I usually get really lazy with measurements and half the time I end up not having one of the ingredients since I bake so rarely.  Ah well, I guess I’ll stick to cooking and leave the baking to the experts!

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