Happy Black Friday


Today, we are Black Friday shopping in freezing weather, way too earlier in the morning, for things that we don’t need in the first place and that we could probably snag online for the same price.  It’s a tradition we’ve grown fond of and look forward to every year.  It usually goes something like this…

4:00 am – Alarm goes off.

4:05 am – My sister and I rotate yearly who has to drag the other one out of bed.  {This was when I still lived at home.}

4:15 am – Still in our PJ’s, but bundled up and ready to go.  The mister claims he wants to sleep some more and doesn’t want to come.  We leave without him.

4:30 am – Waiting in line at store of top priority.  {Yes, we make lists.}

4:45 am – Receive phone call from the mister requesting our location… He has had a change of heart and decided to join us.

5:00 am – Store opens and shoppers stampede to the hot spot sections such as the $3 toasters or $2 DVD’s.  We are normally after a few of the door busters and the cheap DVD’s and TV series.  {Yes, even though DVD’s are becoming obsolete with blu-rays and Netflix…}

6:30 am – Finish checking out after the hour long line at first store feeling quite accomplished.

7:00 am – 10:00 am – Meet up with the brother-in-law who has been covering other stores and hit whatever random stores we feel like.

10:30 am – Head to the in-laws for some leftover Thanksgiving food for brunch.

Rest of the day – Lay around and be lazy since we woke up too early.  Eat lots of chess bars.

Next day – Return 80% of what we bought yesterday after realizing most of the items were impulse buys.

364 days later – Repeat.

Someday, we will learn.

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