Living Room Inspiration

We’ve been in our house for about a year and a half now, and I am finally getting the uncontrollable urge to decorate the living room.   It’s definitely going to be a budget makeover since we’re really cheap and I can’t bring myself to buy nice couches or pillows when I know they will be destroyed instantly by Eddie {and quite possibly by the mister}.  So, I will be working with what I have and basically adding in some accessories.

These are my inspiration colors:

The wine red will be the major color since I found some awesome drapes on clearance at the online JCPenney outlet.  They will look great with the tan walls.  {I’m not painting the walls because the ceilings in this room are at least 20-25 feet… there was a fresh coat of paint when we moved in and I’m not about to hire someone to come repaint it all!}  The teal and mustard yellow will be accent colors here and there.  The black is thrown in simply because there is a lot of black in the room, such as a large black leather couch and loveseat {which we scored from my mom’s friend for $100 total} and my black chair makeover.

Here is a shot of the fireplace as it is now:

You get a sneak peak of the awesome wine colored drapes!  How exciting!  Honestly though, we love them.  I really don’t think I could have chosen a better pair, and at about $30 per 95″ silk-lined, grommet-topped panel, I’m sold.  I’m still waiting on two more panels to arrive for the opposite sides of the window.

Long term, I’d like to tile over the green marble and paint the oak the same color as all the trim in the house which is an off-white.  These two things are unfortunately not high on the priority list though…

I’ve been on the lookout for accessories in either teal, mustard, or wine colors, but they have proven to be difficult to find.  On a whim, I figured I’d check out Home Depot to see if they had any spray paint in those colors.  To my delight, I found two of the three colors, Rustoleum’s Claret Wine and Lagoon.  The plan is to find some cheap stuff with good lines at thrift stores and spray paint them to my heart’s content!  I’ll still have to find some mustard yellow accessories somewhere though…

I’ve been toying with different ideas for art to put above the mantel as well.  I like the more traditional art gallery and mirror looks…

{1, 2}

But, I also like the more trendy faux taxidermy and starburst mirror looks… {The mister walked by, saw this picture, and said, “We are not getting a deer!”}

{1, 2}

It is a bit more trendy and I wonder if I can pull it off in my space!  I did a mock-up of some different options because I’m a Photoshop dork…

Bicycle spoke mirrors from CB2, mirror from Zgallerie, subway sign art that I would design myself…

Subway sign art in mustard yellow, a framed photograph {possibly in sepia tone}, the faux deer head with a stenciled background…

I don’t know what to do!  Too many good options!  I’d like to think I can pull of the stenciled wall and faux deer head, but I’m afraid the mister will not go for it.  What do you think???



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4 Responses to Living Room Inspiration

  1. Katy says:

    Love the color scheme and the new drapes! We recently put drapes up in our living room and it made all the difference. I personally prefer the typical mirror over the fireplace idea. I also like the thought of spray painting one of those large cardboard letters from Michaels yellow and putting it on the mantle with some teal candle sticks with red candles in them. Just a thought. It may also be fun to have seasonal items that you bring in and out. Not necessarily Christmas, Halloween etc, but summer things (shells, beach pictures), Spring (twigs and flowers), Fall (pumpkins spray painted yellow and teal), Winter (snowmen, glass balls). Can’t wait to see what you decide on!

  2. Jenn says:

    The bicycle spoke mirrors! 100%

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