Wizard of Oz Themed Surprise 50th Birthday Party

This post is WAY overdue {it took place in early September} and WAY under-photographed {I was working on setting up at the restaurant right until the second the guests arrived, so I had to gather what photos I could from my generous family members who brought their cameras}.  Regardless, I want to share it because it was so fun!

One of my mom’s favorite childhood films was the “Wizard of Oz.”  I thought this would be a great theme for her surprise 50th birthday party.  I decorated the tables with blue/white gingham table runners, and tin pails filled with apples.  I also found mini picnic baskets and filled them with skittles.

At each place setting I placed a quiz about the guest of honor along with a sharpened pencil.  The guests had fun learning fun facts about my mom!

Also at each seat, I placed a personalized bottle of Jones soda {which I made with graphics from JWIllustrations on Etsy}.

My fabulous aunt Vickie prepared the dessert table with some amazing Wizard of Oz cupcakes.

There were wicked witches, scarecrows, lions, and ruby slippers, all of which tasted awesome… Not that I tried them all!

Here is the guest of honor, my mom, along with my accomplices, my dad and little brother {who can now officially be trusted with keeping a secret}!

I’m pretty sure she had a blast and was fully surprised… A huge thank you to my talented aunt Vickie for the adorable cupcakes!

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4 Responses to Wizard of Oz Themed Surprise 50th Birthday Party

  1. Grace says:

    That’s fantastic – I love the cupcake with the witch’s feet sticking out. I’ll have to keep that in mind as it is a great theme.

  2. Beth says:

    Where did you find those little baskets? so cute! I also want to figure out how to make the legs on those witch cupcakes.

    • Hi Beth, Thanks for stopping by! I saw the baskets online at a number of different sites (think wedding favor baskets), but I happened to find the ones I needed new in the package at the thrift store. To be honest, my aunt made the cupcakes, so I’m not sure, but I think they were made of fondants. Hope that helps!

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