Out on the Town

We’ve been all over town lately, spoiling the pup as usual!  Here are a few random snippets of what we’ve been up to…

We found yet another dog friendly trail near our house.  Eddie likes to sit by the creek deep in thought…

I hung out with my little brother one day and we took Eddie to the dog friendly outdoor mall.  They stopped by the fireplace to warm up and pose for a picture…

These guys are two peas in a pod; they have so much fun together!  Unfortunately, this is what happens when I try to take too many pictures…

It was super cold one Saturday morning when we were going to take Eddie for a walk, and we hadn’t found a coat for him yet.  {Note: We are not crazies who like to dress their dog for fun; dobermans have only one coat of fur, so it is highly recommended to bundle them up if they will be in the cold for too long.}  I tried one of my zip-up hoodies on him…

He found it to be a little too feminine!

We’ve also been going to the dog park like it’s going out of style. This golden, Axle, is one of his best buddies.

Axle got his paws on a much coveted toy, Eddie’s favorite, most commonly known as a giant plastic water bottle.

Notice how he admires it from afar, sneaks closer and lays down in a friendly position, then devises a plan to pounce if Axle will not share willingly.

And that’s what we’ve been up to with our spoiled pup lately!

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2 Responses to Out on the Town

  1. Kate says:

    He looks in pink! Looks like everyone is having a good time 🙂

  2. Susie says:

    Love, love, love the pics! And the commentary : ) He is getting soooo big! Personally I think the pink looks sharp on him and as my 11 yr old son says, “real men are not afraid to wear pink.” lol

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