Christmas 2010

We had an awesome Christmas this year!  It has truly been a weekend of non-stop fun.  Here is a shot of the tree with all the gifts wrapped and ready to be distributed!

Eddie wanted to pose for a picture by the tree…

Some highlights of the holiday festivities included…

  • Me not burning any food
  • My grandma receiving a royal purple Snuggie

  • My uncle receiving an argyle sweater vest, which happened to coordinate with the argyle sweater he was already wearing

  • My father-in-law not receiving a gift from his Secret Santa, and me realizing two minutes later, as I was walking to the computer to look up the name of the deadbeat that flaked out on him, that I was his Secret Santa, and I had hidden his gift so he wouldn’t see it earlier in the day

  • Spending time with my sister

  • Receiving a Team Mondo shirt from my brother-in-law

  • Studying the “Geography of LOST” poster I got for my brother-in-law

  • Eddie delicately opening his gift, one square inch of paper at a time

  • Eddie fast asleep all day Sunday due to the non-stop action in the days prior, snuggling in the quilt that my mom made for him… (don’t worry, she made a coordinating one for us too!)

  • The mister surprising me by booking us a trip to London and Paris!  To say I’m excited would be an  understatement…

I hope your holidays were fantastic as well.  Stay tuned, on Wednesday I’ll reveal something awesome my sister made.  Hint: it’s Alice in Wonderland related!

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2 Responses to Christmas 2010

  1. Katy says:

    Heard about your trip from Krysten. How exciting! Phil and I are going to London and Paris in June!

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