Organizing Junkie

I’ve been on a major organizing kick lately.  I feel like every time I clean, the house just becomes out of control again with clutter and chaos, and that maybe it would help if everything had a “home.”

First up was Eddie’s stuff, which was taking over the majority of two large pantry shelves.  I bought a plastic drawer storage unit from Target and put all of his stuff that needs to stay out of his reach in it.  It now resides in the hall closet next to the shoe rack!  {I think Eddie likes it…}

This project freed up two HUGE extra shelves.  I ended up filling the shelves up with some of my food items (cans, condiments, etc) which were overflowing my pantry.

I also created an in/out box on the inside of the door for coupons/receipts, mail to file, and mail which requires immediate action.  And by immediate, I mean the next time I clean out the in/out box.  Above it hangs a magnetic dry erase board I picked up from Target.  Since my appliances are stainless steel, I have no place to use magnets in my kitchen, so this solves that problem!  I used commands hooks to hang all of it, in case I ever want to switch things up without damaging the door.

This is one of my favorite organizing finds so far… a slim rolling laundry storage cart!  It holds all of the essentials and slides in between the washer and dryer where Eddie cannot get into them.  It also frees up valuable space on top for the laundry baskets {and eventually a counter top for folding.}

Next up, my tools.  They were scattered everywhere and I literally could never find the things I needed when I needed them.  I picked these cube shelves up from the same lady that sold me my mirror from Craigslist.  This set, plus another just like it, was $10.  Now all my stuff is in one spot… finally!

I suppose that’s enough about my organizational projects for today.  Have a great weekend and New Year, everyone!


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One Response to Organizing Junkie

  1. I really like that rolling cart for between the washer and dryer! I have a space between my dryer and a small built in table I wonder if it would fit there! I really need to clean out my laundry room and I think this is giving me inspiration!

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