I’m Still Alive

Wow.  I definitely just took a full week off from blogging, and I really did not even mean to!  I promise I have some very good reasons for slacking!

  1. I started a new job…
  2. I’ve had 11 {Tickle Me} Ink. custom orders since Christmas…
  3. The mister was out of town for work, so all of the puppy duties fell on me, and…
  4. There was a massive snowstorm which more than doubled my commute times…

Needless to say, blogging had to give, but I hope to be able to share some fun projects soon!

On a separate note, I thought I’d update the progress on my 101 goals list for the new year.  You can see the updated list here.  Currently, I’m about 16% done with the number of goals, and about 15% of the 1001 days have passed, so I guess I’m right on schedule.  {Although many of the remaining goals involve lots of money to pull off :-p}

{P.S. If I have inspired you in any way shape or form to start your own list of goals, please let me know because that is one of the things on my list!}

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2 Responses to I’m Still Alive

  1. Katy says:

    New jobs all around – you and Krys. Where are you now?

  2. Krysten says:

    I want to snowboard, lets do that so you can check it off!! lol

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