Living Room Progress

You may recall my living room inspiration board I posted a while back…

Well, I’ve been hard at work transforming it into a more welcoming space, and while some of the elements have been incorporated, many have been changed!  We ended up finding a great deal on an entertainment center I LOVED and some couches as well.  So, we banished the over sized black leather couches and the bachelor pad looking media center to the basement.

Here is the space before:

Horribly accessorized (ugh!)

And here it is now…

You may recognize the $10 mirror I scored on Craigslist which has been spray painted black.  Unfortunately, that color was painted before we switched to the brown couches, so it does not really go at all anymore, but it’s staying for now!

The new entertainment center with concealed storage for all the video games and components… LOVE!

Looking towards the front door… I LOVE the new couches; super comfy and very dog friendly!

Lots of great light…

One of the ladder shelves was moved to this wall, and one of them was moved to a pretty unexpected place… you’ll have to stay tuned for that one!



A bird’s eye view, just because I can…

Speaking of bird’s eye views, what the heck does one put on this nook thing?!  If I can’t think of anything, the mister has some not so great ideas involving cardboard cutouts of wrestling superstars or a basketball net.  I think it’d be awesome to put bookshelves up there like a library, and have one of those vintage library ladders up to it.  (I highly doubt that space could support the weight though, so back to square one…)

Edit: I came home from work yesterday to find this…

Greeeeeat. Thanks a million Blockbuster.  Seriously, help me think of something else to put up there that does not involve cardboard! 🙂

Things I still need to do in the living room:

  • Get an ottoman or coffee table
  • Replace the $7 IKEA lack side table with something awesome
  • Possibly replace the chair I made over with something that goes better with the brown couches… perhaps a wing back chair to add some height to that corner?
  • Add some colorful accessories
  • Eventually get the entire room repainted (the paint was fresh when we moved in the house, but we later found out it is builder’s primer, and it gets scratched and dingy SOOO easily…)

So that is the living room progress so far!

{P.S. You may have noticed that I made the switch to a dot com address.  You can now find me at!  I’m pretty sure this will not affect email subscriptions or RSS feeds, but please let me know if you run into any issues… Thanks!}

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9 Responses to Living Room Progress

  1. Cassie J. says:

    Wow!! Look at that progress! I love the new improvements!! 🙂

  2. Veronica says:

    It looks great, love the entertainment unit! And I think the black mirror works. Your TV is black, you have some accessories that have black in them, the marble around the fireplace has black tints – black and brown can go together!

    P.S. Yeah…you need to find something to do with that nook, lol, the cardboard’s just not cutting it. 🙂

  3. Katy says:

    1. I love the new couches. We have a brown leather couch and it is the best.
    2. I am in suspense over where you put your other ladder shelf….kitchen, dining room, craft room, bathroom….I cannot wait to find out
    3. You should go shopping in my parents garage for an end table…they may have one that mom garbage picked for me and then we didn’t need it. I can’t remember. It would need some Amanda love but I have faith that you can transform it.
    4. Black and Brown go together now…the fashion Gods say its all the rage.

  4. Amanda says:

    Thanks ladies!

    Katy I totally should steal some of your mom’s finds… I could probably transform it into something that would work! I need to start stalking Craigslist again.

    And in regards to the black vs. brown, I agree they can still go, I just think the mirror might look a little too ornate to coordinate with the rest of the room… It would probably be pretty sweet painted white and put in the guest bedroom though!

  5. Megan says:

    I love the new couches. I also love that chair a lot – but I agree, you need something with height – since you have such high ceilings. Have you thought about an arc lamp? Hopefully that awesome chair will find a new home in your house – it is too cute not to keep!

    • I love the idea of an arc lamp! Only issue I see is that it might look wierd sticking out behind a chair… I think I’ve usually seen them sort of hanging over couches, but I might look into that. I’ve always loved them!

  6. Lindsay says:

    {stopping by from seeing your post on Mandipidy.}
    -your living room looks awesome.
    -your guest post was great and hilarious. VERY creative.

  7. Lauren says:

    Love the couches — the entertainment center looks great with them! The mirror is gorgeous but if you are concerned about it being too glam & glossy, there is a product called Rub n Buff that would take it down a notch while highlighting the crevices.

    Why do builders put those nooks that are useless?! Anything there would be a dust collector … could a plant even be reached to be watered?

    The colors in your living room remind me of ikat. Search “ikat pillow cover” on etsy to check out some killer pillows … I’m sure the fabrics could be tracked down online if you wanted to make them yourself. This set has your colors:
    or this which even ties in your green kitchen wall color:
    I recently bought one so I have all things ikat on the brain

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