My Fashion List

Kendi has been sharing a series of great posts showing how to “Create a Working Closet.”  The ones that resonated the most with me were Part 2: Assess and Part 4: Shopping.

The basic idea is to be intentional when you shop.  Assess your closet’s basic needs, the things you can wear frequently and remix with many of the other pieces you already have, and make a need list.  Anything else that you might want but don’t necessarily need goes on the want list.  Take those lists with you when you go shopping, and only buy from the want list as budget allows when your need list has been fulfilled.  And again, buy quality over quantity every time.  Kendi said it best here:

“I would spend $100 on 5 or 6 things that I never wore and then lust over 1 skirt at J.Crew that I would probably wear all of the time, saying I could never afford that $100 skirt. Well that was true, because I was literally throwing my money away on cheap items that I only bought because they were cheap. “

I realize this might be common sense for many of you, but it’s something I struggle with and something I definitely need to work on.

Without further ado, here is my need list.  It is definitely skewed towards items that will work for both casual and office attire so that I can really pare down my closet while still having lots of variety with the help of layering and accessories.

{over the knee socks, gingham shirt, brown leather boots}

{black blazer, striped shirt, oxford pumps}
{braided leather belt, chambray shirt, Sperry Topsiders}

{mustard yellow cardigan, colored pencil skirt, Hunter rain boots}

OK, so maybe the Hunter rain boots should be on more of a wish list than a need list… :-p

If I bought all of these items at regular price (not including applicable shipping or tax expenses) it would cost me about $1000.  For 12 items.  Um, no thanks.  My savvy shopping skills will be put to the test, but I’m confident I can come out spending a lot less for some great quality items!

So far, I’ve accumulated a mustard yellow cardigan and a genuine Ralph Lauren braided leather belt from the thrift store for about $3 total.  I snagged the brown boots from Famous Footwear for $70, about 40% off the price above.  {They are sold out online but you could probably find them in stores!}  Those boots are one of the best purchases I’ve made; it seems like I wear them everyday.  I also got a great blazer from Target, originally priced at about $35, on sale for $7.50.  It’s lined and really nice looking, so I’ll take that over the hundred dollar Gap blazer any day!  At DSW, I scored some almost identical oxford pumps, Nine West brand, on the clearance rack for about $30.  Last but not least, I waited out J Crew and got the originally $70 gingham checked shirt for $30 {I had a coupon code for an additional 40% off the clearance price.}

These six items should have totaled about $468 but I got them all for $140, a savings of about 70%!  Now, to find some great deals on the other items… 🙂

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