Let’s Go Steelers

This was the state of affairs at the Heart Tree Home for the Steelers vs. Jets for the AFC championship game a couple weeks ago.  We were all piled on the couches, ready to watch…

Our Steelers sign was placed on the mantle with care…

And all of the Steelers paraphernalia that we didn’t happen to be wearing was strewn about the room…

And this was the mister.  At half time.  When his team was WINNING 17-3.  Looking like he is about to have a heart attack.

Let’s hope for his sake that the Packers do not come within 30 points of the good guys…


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One Response to Let’s Go Steelers

  1. Kate says:

    Aw, lol. I hate to think of what it must have been like yesterday! I hope you guys still had a fun time watching!

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