My Mom’s Beautiful Quilts

Today I’d like to showcase my talented mom’s newest hobby… quilt making!  She made quilts recently for the mister and I, Eddie, my little brother, and now her niece’s baby twins.  She was kind enough to take pictures of the process so I could write up a mini tutorial…

1.  Find some coordinating flannel fabrics.

2.  Iron all the fabric.

3.  Cut the fabric into strips and then into squares.

4.  Place squares of batting {my mom’s was called Warm & White} which are slightly smaller than the flannel squares inside the squares with wrong sides together.

5.  Stitch each square individually on a diagonal.

6.  It’s easier to just keep going right on down the line and then cut the squares apart at the end.

7.  Repeat the same process in the other direction, so that all squares have stitched X’s on them.

8.  Lay out the squares in a diagonal pattern.

9.  Stitch each square together into rows, then stitch the rows together.  Leave the seams exposed on one side of the quilt, as shown on the flipped up portion in the bottom left of the picture below.

10.  Makes little snips up to the seam on all rough edges, then shake the blanket outside to get rid of the excess.  Wash it on gentle cycle, and shake it outside once more.  Finally, put the blanket through a cycle in the dryer, emptying the lint trap often.

11.  All of the edges will be nice and ruffled after the cycle in the laundry.  The quilt is done… enjoy!

Thanks, mom, for sharing the pictures! 🙂

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