Have You Heard Of Supercook?

Have you ever wandered around the kitchen wondering what you could possibly throw together for a meal with the ingredients you already have?  This happens to me more often than I’d like to admit since I hate menu planning AND last minute grocery shopping.  {I prefer to stockpile items when they are free/cheap at the grocery store and then use what I have to put a meal together.}

I discovered a great new resource a few weeks ago to help solve this problem.  It’s called Supercook

Basically, you create a free account and list every ingredient you have available to you, including dressings, spices, pantry items, freezer items, fresh items, etc.  It will automatically search a bunch of recipe databases {such as AllRecipes, Martha Stewart, Recipezaar, etc} and display only the recipes you have the ingredients to make.  You can further narrow the search down to only entree recipes, side dishes, breakfasts, etc. 

The next time you log in, all of your staple ingredients will still be there in your account.  You can tweak the list a bit to “exclude” things you may not feel like eating or may have run out of, and add any additional items you’ve bought. 

This free resource has already come in handy for me, and I can tell it’s going to be a lifesaver in the future!  Let me know what you think if you try it out!

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