How To: Sew a Pillow Slipcover

I finally found some time to sew some pillow covers for the pillows in our living room.  These babies have made it through four years in a college dorm room and a year and a half in this house.  Yeah, they’re durable, but they’ve seen better days.  Sewing a pillow cover is one of the easiest sewing projects… anyone can do it!


– fabric of your choice (around 1x the width of the pillow and 2.75x the length, plus a few inches for seam allowance)

– pillow insert or old pillow to recover

– sewing machine & thread


1.  Remove your pillow from the pillow cover as I have done in the above photo.  This will become your template.

2.  Fold your fabric over to approximately the size of the old pillow cover.

3.  Lay out the pillow cover on top to ensure that the size is good.  The excess to the right should be about an additional 3/4 the length of the pillow.  This will end up being folded over to make the envelope like closure in the back so that the pillow can slip in and out for easy washing.  {To summarize, the total size for your piece of fabric should be about 2.75 times the length of the original pillow cover, and 1 times the width, plus a few extra inches in each direction for seam allowance.}

4.  Hem the short ends of the fabric by folding it down once, then twice, and making a stitch all the way down.  Repeat on the opposite end.

5.  Lay out your fabric, right side up, with the pillow cover in the center.

6. Fold one of the sides in over the pillow cover and use a few pins to hold it in place.  Try to match up the pattern if you have one.

7.  Repeat with the other side, but remove the original pillow cover before pinning it down.  As you can see, this slipcover is the size of the original pillow cover (plus a bit for seam allowances), and that the fabric wraps around the pillow about 1-3/4 times.

8.  Stitch along both of the ends that you pinned.  When you’re done, flip the pillow cover right side out, and stuff your pillow in!  These are SO much better than before.  No stains!  The next step is to find a tray to keep on the side table so the mister can eat on that instead of on top of the pillows!

Speaking of pillows, I have been loving grey and yellow and Ikat prints lately, and guess what I happened upon yesterday?  A sweet grey and yellow and Ikat pillow!  You will never guess where I found it…

Burlington Coat Factory!  I had no idea that they even carried home goods.  Maybe I’m naive, but I thought they just sold coats!  Thanks to Kate for the tip.  These pillows are Waverly pillows and I know for a fact you can special order this fabric at Joann’s because I have been wanting it.  I bought two of them and they were $6.99 each… you can’t even buy fabric and a pillow insert for that price!

Needless to say, I’ll be returning to BCF to occasionally scope out the new home goods!

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2 Responses to How To: Sew a Pillow Slipcover

  1. Jeannie says:

    Hi! Lovely pillows 🙂 What is the striped fabric?? FYI: Waverly fabrics are 50% off at Joann’s right now…

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