The Best Laid Plans

The mister and I had some awesome plans this weekend.  Autorama was in town and Shawn Michaels, a hall of fame wrestler, was going to be there signing autographs.  The mister is a huge wrestling fan, so we made a day of it!

We went to the best pizza place EVER for lunch!  Pizza Papalis in downtown Detroit.

It’s Chicago style pizza where the toppings are inside, then cheese on top, and sauce on top of that!  Our favorite is the meat lover’s pizza with added pineapple.  I can’t describe to you how awesome this place is; if you live in Metro Detroit, it’s a must visit!

We took the People Mover over to Cobo Center where Autorama was being held.  We paid our $18 per person admissions, and went to go get in line for Shawn Michaels autographs.  Much to our horror, this was half the line:

People were queued Cedar Point style and then wrapped around half the building.  We arrived before he was even scheduled to be there! There is no telling how long these people had been standing in line; a lot of them most likely will not get their autographs because he was only scheduled to be there from 1 until 4.

We moseyed on over to where Sammi Sweetheart from Jersey Shore was signing autographs.  She had like 1/100th the crowd that he did.  {And wayyyy too many young girls were in line.  Who lets their young daughters watch that show?!}

She was not worth the wait.  I mean, come on, it’s Sammi.  She’s probably my least favorite on the show because she and Ronnie are so dumb together.  I might have waited to see The Situation or something.

We walked around a bit to see the cars to make the $36 admissions we paid not a complete waste.  I LOVED this green truck; it’s actually closer to Jeep Green even though it looks bright in the picture.

I admired the creativity of the turquoise truck behind it; they set up a fake dog peeing on the wheel.

This one had crazy doors; the hood opened to the side and the doors opened to the back!

On the way home, I convinced the mister to let me stop at the Russell Bazaar, which I thought was a vintage flea market in Detroit.  Boy was I wrong.  Worst place ever!  We were in and out in 5 minutes.  There was nothing vintage at all; most of the booths were cheap purses, ugly jewelry, wigs, horrible clothing, etc.  I definitely would NOT recommend it to anyone!

So, that is the story of our failed weekend plans.  We still had a good time together though!

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