Hooray for Spring Breaks

Well, I don’t get spring breaks anymore…  But my sister does!

Usually we try to have a thrifting adventure at least once whenever she is home.  It’s so much more fun to go with someone than to go by yourself, and we always seem to have better luck when we’re together!  Maybe it’s because there are two eyes scouring everything instead of one…

This weekend we had some awesome luck at a place we hadn’t thrifted in a while.  Check out our finds!

A vintage steamer trunk that is perfect to use for a coffee table/ottoman.  It’s a million times better than the stained little footstool I had throughout college that we were using.

The boys didn’t want to move for the pictures.  They don’t understand the importance of a nicely staged photograph.

Just for fun, a cute pic of Eddie enjoying the new pillow covers.

I also found a vintage Coach crossbody bag… It’s AWESOME.  It’s navy and has great brass details.  It’s also the perfect size to force me to edit the contents of my typically huge purses into a more manageable size.

My sister found an identical bag but in brown.  Who just gives away stacks of vintage Coach purses?!

I also found a couple of cardigans… a pink one from J Crew and a turquoise one from Banana Republic.  I think I may be developing a cardigan obsession.

The mister and I will be enjoying a night out to see the hilarious comedian Daniel Tosh this weekend, and I will be having fun playing with my NEW iPhone!!! Happy Friday everyone!

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3 Responses to Hooray for Spring Breaks

  1. Terry says:

    Hey…where do you get to rest? Those boys took all the space!

  2. awesome thrift store finds! great Coach I have the same one!
    i was wondering what Thrift Store do you go to?

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