Some Cuteness for your Friday

For your cuteness overload, some of my favorite phone snapshots from the past week…

Eddie playing with his favorite new birthday toy, Gumbi!

Winston enjoying the patio footstool like Eddie used to (before he got too big to fit!)…

Winston discovering how to sit like a human…

Eddie finding his new favorite accessory…

And his new favorite spot to plant himself…

And Winston perfecting the pug head nod…

Speaking of the pug head nod, this video is hilarious…

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2 Responses to Some Cuteness for your Friday

  1. Veronica says:

    Awww! Our stupid Bulldog sits like a human like Winston all the time. :-p It’s so funny to see. Eddie looks quite irritated with you, mom, for taking his picture with Gumbi. Lol.

  2. Love the shades-makes him look cool and smart-which of course he is both as long as he is not chewing up perfectly good doggie beds. lol

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