Desk Switcheroo

I’ve long been loving these knobs from Anthropologie…

I thought they’d be great for the look I’m going for in the study, which we’ll call a “collected over time, vintage library” look.  And the $8.00 price tag? Awesome!


I needed five knobs total {two for the filing cabinet and three for the desk}.  That’s $40 plus tax and shipping just to fix up a desk I don’t plan on keeping forever.

Imagine my surprise when perusing Hobby Lobby for the first time {which is kind of awesome by the way} and finding practically an exact replica of these knobs!  And at a price of $4 a piece, plus a 50% off coupon, I was sold.  Ten bucks for a completely new look for the desk in the study!

I ran into a bit of an issue installing the knob for the keyboard tray.  The threads on my new knobs were much longer than the originals, and they wouldn’t fit into hole.


Also, the screw couldn’t poke all the way through because we’d be scraping our wrists on it when the tray folded down.

Luckily, the screw was not longer than the width of both boards, so a quick tweak with my drill and I was back in business.  I made sure to go really slowly so as not to go all the way through.

Here is the before picture, with dinky little silver knobs…

And the afters…

I really need to find some artwork for that wall above the computer and find a way to corral all those cords in the corner under the desk.

It’s definitely a step up from what it was before, don’t you think?  And when I finally find that perfect vintage desk to replace it, the knobs can come with me if I want…

They really are almost exactly the same…

I feel like it has to be some sort of copyright infringement on the part of Hobby Lobby, but whatever… Hooray for 10 minute $10 projects!



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