Travel Fashion

It’s almost time for the mister and I to jet away to Europe!

For this vacation, I wanted to change up my standard travel attire.  No flip flops, tennis shoes, t-shirts, or tanks allowed.  I mean, it’s Europe!  I want to be cute and comfortable.

I also want to pack lightly to make the traveling that much easier.  I’m usually the girl with the largest possible suitcase, filled to the brim with lots of things that I probably won’t end up using.  I blame it on my mom.  Her favorite phrase was always “better safe than sorry!”

In order to be cute, comfy, and pack lightly, I’m going to be doing my own mini version of the 30 for 30.  {Sadly, all of the cute clothes I own could easily fit into one suitcase, so it shouldn’t be too hard…}

Here are the things I’m planning to bring:

Let’s hope I can remix them into enough outfits.  Although, if I can’t, I’ll just have to pick up something new to wear while we’re in Paris! 🙂

I’m going to try to channel inspiration from my favorite fashion bloggers and share some outfit pictures along with the travel photos when we get back.  Wish me luck… I’m neither photogenic nor well versed in posing for pictures, so it should get interesting!  At the very least, the background scenery will be worth looking at…

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One Response to Travel Fashion

  1. Terry says:

    Hey…I usually underpack!

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