Another Shade of Green

It’s no secret that I love green.  I have affectionately deemed my favorite color “puke green.”  It is probably best explained as the ugly stepchild of olive and chartreuse, or Jeep Green if you know what that is…

{I wish my Vibe had been available in this color!}

In college, I decorated my dorm room with a color scheme of brown, aqua, and puke green.  The first thing we did in our house was paint the kitchen green {the mister was hesitant, but now loves it}.  We have green bedding in our master bedroom.  I really don’t think I’ll ever have enough green though…

Have you heard of Mad Men?  {I’d guess yes, unless you live under a rock.}  It’s an amazing show, and the decor is really cool too.  I’m in love with the velvet tufted headboard that the Draper’s have in their master bedroom.

I found a very similar one at Urban Outfitters that is an awesome shape and shade of green.

I think it would be perfect in the guest bedroom.  The price, unfortunately, is a bit very high {$349} and it’s not offered in a twin size.  I think it’s something that I could make myself, though.  As long as I could get someone to cut the shape of the wood, the rest would be cake!

This is the current state of the guest bedroom…

I sold the IKEA bed I upholstered on Craigslist and replaced it with a standard bed frame.  {I just wasn’t loving the low profile of the bed or the headboard; luckily, someone else did, so I didn’t lose any money, only a little time and pride!}

I added some side tables that I scored on Craigslist for $15 each.  {I’m waiting until it gets warm enough out to spray paint them and replace the drawer pull.}  I also added some orange lamps I found in the Target clearance section with some linen drum shades.

On the opposite wall is a mirror that I got from Home Goods which I LOVE.  It has little strips of reclaimed wood bordered all the way around.  I want to find a cool dresser or desk to refinish and put underneath it.

I think another pop of color in there besides the orange/tan/brown it’s already got would be great.  What do you think?  Yay or nay to the green headboard?

{Of course it will be better without a phone pic and poor Photoshop job…}


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