Bricks and Stones and Pavers, Oh My

Sooooo my sister came in from Ann Arbor and we were eating dinner in Royal Oak, just before leaving to head downtown with the mister for the TV on the Radio concert, and my cousin called to inform me that he heard the show was canceled.  He said their bassist died.  Naturally, I thought he was messing with me, but I suppose joking about someone dying would be a little low {even for him :-p}.  I Googled and found out that the Gerard Smith, the bassist, passed away at age 34 today of lung cancer, so they canceled the first four shows of the tour.  My heart goes out to the band and Gerard’s family.  What a horrible situation. 😦

So, now I’m home with nothing to do on what should have been a really fun night, and what better way to ignore a messy house than to write a second blog post for today?

Next week, we are finally getting a patio put in!  We’ve got two exits at the back of the house and one on the side that are all about 4 feet off the ground.  This picture is from the real estate listing since it’s too dark to go take one now…

It will be so nice to be able to use our french doors this summer and do some entertaining.  We’ve got the contractor and design picked out, but I seriously do not know what color to choose for the stones!

This is the basic the design board:

There will be steps down from the french doors in our bedroom {on the right hand side} and a path leading to a large patio which extends from the sliding doors in our kitchen.  There is also a walkway along the house to the driveway/garage, with steps leading up to the laundry/mud room.  The only major change we made from the design board is that we are going to have a retaining wall built instead of having the few feet of mulch around the exterior of the patio; we decided it took up too much space in our small yard and would probably be a mess to maintain when it rains or snows.

The colors in the photo below are very representative of our house:

We have dark red brick, white paint, and a charcoal gray roof.  I’ve been looking up some of the different color combos to get a feel for what they look like all laid out.

Here is a reddish gray stone for the pavers and a gray for the border…

More red {I think it looks a little pink against the dark red brick, especially in the sun.  I’m not sure I like it…}

Here is more of a gray toned paver patio with a charcoal border…

And a sandstone look…

What do you think?  I’m leaning towards the gray or the sandstone I think.  I want it to look like it goes with the house though, so I don’t know if the colors are too dissimilar.  We do have a gray roof and a black fence, so that ties in with the gray, and the mortar on the bricks is tan, which ties in with the sandstone.  AHHH I don’t know, and I need to decide by like tomorrow.  What do you think???

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1 Response to Bricks and Stones and Pavers, Oh My

  1. Krysten says:

    I thnk I vote Grey! I think the sand stone is too different.. and I agree that the “red” looks too light against the house!
    So excited to spend the summer on the patio! lol.

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