London, Baby! {Part 2}

Now for some more London goodness!

This was the cutest little restaurant near our hotel.  We passed by before it was open, but I was dying to go in!

We did get to go in The Sherlock Holmes though!

We went to Piccadilly Circus which, according to a friend of mine, is kind of like London’s version of Times Square.  I have not been to New York though, so I cannot say for sure how it compares!

By the way, the Underground is the best way to get around the city.  Black cabs will cost you an arm and a leg {which we found out the hard way, before we realized that the pound was worth almost twice as much as the dollar!} 😦  We bought the day passes after that first day so we could get unlimited rides on both the Underground {subway} and the Tube {red buses}, and we definitely saved a lot of money over the cabs.

This picture is for my Oakley obsessed cousin and his pooch {named Oakley}…

We also went to Oxford Street, which is London’s most famous street for shopping.  It stretches about five kilometers and has a wide variety of high end, boutique, and more affordable stores.  I didn’t actually buy anything in London if you can believe that!  The mister bought a pair of shorts from H&M since he also packed for colder weather and was dying from the heat on the first day.

It was kind of weird to see stores like Gap, Apple, H&M, etc in hundred year old historic buildings.  The mister’s favorite store was the Apple store.  The inside had a glass roof on one side, and the other side had a loft which was a hangout area with computer stations, tables, and a cafe.

We went to Covent Garden, which is a cool marketplace with a glass domed roof.  It’s lined on the inside with boutique shops and restaurants, while the outside has more of a souvenir stand feel.

There were street performers playing music in the courtyard for the people dining.

Outside were more street performers and outdoor takeaway food places.  This guy did a great version of Neil Young’s Hey Hey, My My.

My favorite area of London was known as the South Bank; there was always something going on there!  We saw a break dance competition, lots of musical performers, those human statue people {not sure what they’re called}, and more.

There was also a skate and bike park under the balcony of some of the restaurants.  There were tons of kids doing tricks and some artists making their mark on the walls.

We ate in a restaurant called Dogget’s which was delicious!  We each got a different London specialty: bangers and mash and an apple cider chicken pot pie dish {I forget the actual name}.  They were both incredible.  The picture below was the view our table through the restaurant window.

The South Bank seemed like the place to go for the people of London.  We were there on a Thursday evening and it seemed like everyone in the city was standing out on the balconies or along the river with their beverages, relaxing with friends after a day of work.  The place was packed until long after dark, and every restaurant was filled to capacity.

The South Bank is within walking distance of the London Eye, so it’s worth the walk along the river whether you are there day or night.

Alright, that’s enough for now… I have one more London post coming!  Think Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and lots more!

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One Response to London, Baby! {Part 2}

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and for the kind complements. I too love it when things just blend together without being so matchy. By the way….LOVE the pictures of London.

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