London, Baby! {Part 3}

I’ll start this last installment of our pictures from London with one of the more unusual “sights” to see {unless you are a hardcore tennis fan I suppose}… Wimbledon Stadium!

I am not a huge fan, but the mister wanted to go see it, since it will probably be our only opportunity.  Since I’m such a nice wife, I agreed.  This is a aerial picture of what it looks like during the games…

We went to the Wimbledon museum which was pretty interesting.  It had a lot of info on what it takes to maintain the grounds, memorabilia, etc.  We were literally the only ones there though, so I felt like a dork!  That is, until…

We were invited to go down on the court!

I guess I should have watched some of the Wimbledon tournaments on TV before coming here.  The place was amazing though, and the mister was in sports fan heaven.  We sat in the stands for a while and watched Roger Federer during his practice.

OK, now that you are sufficiently jealous of me for getting to see this hottie up close and personal, I will tell you that I’m totally full of crap.  Did I get you?

We did actually go to Wimbledon.  We took the London Underground out the station called “Wimbledon,” which was actually the farthest possible one {and was apparently outside the jurisdiction of our day pass}.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat near the Centre Court Shopping Center, a large mall located near the station.  We hopped on the Tube to where the locals pointed us to go, and this is what we came to:

A ghetto, dilapidated, sorry excuse for a building labeled Wimbledon Stadium.  Was this some sort of sick joke the locals play on unsuspecting tourists?  I don’t know.  Either way, by this point, I was frustrated that we had already wasted a few hours on this excursion, and the mister was frustrated that this was what he had ventured all the way there to see.  We assumed there must have been another Wimbledon Stadium somewhere {and we were right in that assumption} but we didn’t want to waste any more time.

So that is the story of our major Wimbledon fail.  {Sorry for the cruel joke, Philly G!}

Everything else in this post will be true, I promise!

I just thought this college of arms building looked awesome.  While walking around this area, we saw Fleet St. which is where Sweeney Todd {the demon barber of Fleet St.} is based on.  There is an alleyway off of Fleet St. called Hen and Chicken Court, which I found kind of funny.  We also passed the college where the kid who played Harry Potter attended, but I have no idea what it was called or what his name is since I avoid Harry Potter chit chat whenever possible.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral was absolutely incredible. The inside was gorgeous, but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside. The tour was well worth it. In the basement is a huge crypt which holds the tombs of, most notably, the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Nelson.

This is Buckingham Palace. We didn’t take the tour because the royal family still uses it as their primary residence, so you don’t get to see too much of the palace . This place is 830,000 square feet, and interestingly enough, only the elite royalty live there; there is a whole apartment building nearby the palace where the “outcast” extended family royalty live.

If you turned the camera around {basically where we are looking towards}, there was a huge area under construction as a garden entrance of some sort for Will and Kate’s upcoming wedding. The British people love their royalty; everywhere we went, there were newspaper articles, TV broadcasts, Will & Kate tote bags, etc.

We learned an interesting fact about Big Ben. The clock itself is not called “Big Ben;” the large bell in the top of the tower is what is called “Big Ben.” I always thought it was the clock.

The Westminster Abbey was so Gothic and beautiful. This is where Will and Kate will be getting married on Friday!

Big Ben and the Abbey are right near each other.

We saw the countdown to the 2012 summer Olympics which are to be held in London. We just missed it by only 476 days.

I swear, the only way I can get this man to pose for a picture is if it gives him an excuse to climb on something…

For some reason, I thought this ship in a bottle statue was really cool.  It’s right near the Olympic countdown sign and lion statue.

Before going to London, I had absolutely no desire to watch the Royal Wedding, but now I think I just might!  I want to see what all the Will and Kate hype was about and see how all the places that were blocked off for the wedding preparation turned out.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip to London… Paris posts still to come!

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  1. Philly G says:

    I hate you! I started to cry a little bit.

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