I was able to get my computer fixed, so I can finally start sharing our pictures from Paris!

The first thing we did upon our arrival was visit Montmarte, which is a city on a hill on the north end of Paris.  It’s the highest area of Paris and it was quite a hike to get up there!

But the views were so worth it!

There was a street performer doing crazy tricks on the lamp post.  He balanced a soccer ball on his forehead and climbed up the pole…

Then he turned himself into a human flag…

At the highest point of the hill is a church called Saint Pierre de Montmarte.

You can go inside and wander around the church if you want to, but no photos were allowed.

Montmarte is known as the artistic district of Paris.  Many famous artists had studios there at some point in their lives, including Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh.  There were artists of all kinds lining the streets and many of them were fantastic!

This guy was crazy… juggling with his pets on his head!

The view from the restaurants were incredible.  Moulin Rouge is actually right near the bottom of the hill of Montmarte.  {Word to the wise:  If you are planning to see a Moulin Rouge show, buy your tickets WAY in advance… they were sold out when we went.}

We shared a delicious crepe.  Unfortunately, my pictures don’t do it justice!

Montmarte was basically how I imagined “old Paris” would be.  There were narrow winding cobblestone streets, people out and about, quaint little creperies, street artists, etc…  It was just a great atmosphere.  We didn’t get to see any French mimes, but we heard that is where they can sometimes be spotted.

We went to visit Les Invalides, a complex of museums and monuments all relating to the military history of France.  It’s also a burial site for famous war heroes, most notably Napoleon Bonaparte.

Even though Napoleon was about 5’6″ in height, he would always have himself portrayed as tall and handsome in paintings, statues, etc.

Of course, we paid a visit to the Eiffel Tower, or the Tour Eiffel as the locals call it.

We of course went to the summit of the tower. {Sorry, cycling reference…}

There is the Arc de Triomphe from the top of the Tour Eiffel.  This picture shows just how huge it actually is in relation to everything else.

This humongous building is a partial shot of Les Invalides which I showed earlier.

There is no shortage of tourists willing to take your picture!

It was unbelievably tall.  Obviously.

It’s also worth seeing at night!  It is lit up after dusk…

But it also has lights that blink for 10 minutes every hour on the hour!

More to come!

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