Paris! {Part 2}

I seriously need to finish getting all these pictures from our trip blogged! :-p

While we were in Paris, we of course we visited the Louvre Museum. The place was HUMONGOUS and I would definitely recommend sticking to a guided tour or a headset tour so that you can see the highlights.  There is just way too much to see it all even if you had days to spend.

The pyramid is seen above, and below is the inverted pyramid that lies inside the museum. You may remember this from the book or movie The Da Vinci Code?

Here is a view looking up through the pyramid at the other parts of the Louvre building.  This glass and metal pyramid was completed in 1989 and triggered a lot of controversy because many people thought it was too futuristic and was an eyesore to the rest of the classical architecture of the museum.  {Although, the Eiffel Tower was very controversial as well, and is now one of the most landmarks of the world!}

The Winged Victory is probably one of the most famous statues.  It was created in 2 BC of marble and depicts the Greek goddess Nike {aka Victory}.

There was so much to look at in every room, hallway, stairwell, everywhere.  It was not only the beautiful art and sculptures, but also the details in the architecture.

Even the ceilings were breathtaking!

The Mona Lisa, which in French is known as La Joconde, is SO much tinier than you would expect in person; it’s maybe 20″ x 30.”  Be prepared to fight a mob to get this close!

La Mort de Sardanapale is one of the paintings I found most intriguing.  Paintings from this era were the only way to capture stories and “photographs” so they all portrayed some piece of important history. This particular painting tells the tale of the death of Sardanapulus, the last king of Assyria.  When he learned that he was faced with military defeat, he ordered all of his possessions to be destroyed and all of his servants and sex slaves to be murdered before he committed suicide.  That was apparently a very common practice during this time and well after.

On certain days of the week, students from the famous art school in Paris are allowed to come into the museum and paint their own replicas.

They were unbelievable.  You could not tell the difference from theirs and the originals.

Here is what it looked like at night!

And if you turn around 180 degrees from where I took the above photo, you would see the “mini” Arc de Triomphe which is located in front of the Louvre.

More to come from Paris, including pictures of the original Arc de Triomphe.  Stay tuned!

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1 Response to Paris! {Part 2}

  1. Kate says:

    Gorgeous. Paris is on my “someday I’ll get there” list.

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