Vintage Baseball Party Bunting

{This is a guest post written by my friend Krysten who was kind enough to take step by step photos for a tutorial on how to make a vintage baseball party bunting.   Thanks, Krysten!  Take it away…}

I am planning a Vintage Baseball Themed Surprise 80th Birthday Party for my Grandfather.  One of the first projects I wanted to do was some vintage looking bunting.

Items Needed

  • ½ yard of the fabrics of your choice ( I got three different fabrics, and burlap)
  • Desired length of 1” heavy twill trim (I used 11 yards)
  • 1 package of 1/4” Steam A Seam (or other iron on adhesive for fabrics)
  • Thread

Tools Needed

  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

I started by picking out a few colors and patterns for the Bunting.  Once I choose a few different colors (Red Stars, Jean, Navy with Baseballs, and Burlap), I bought half a yard of each fabric.

First, I created a template of the shape I wanted.

I made a diamond shape that is 8.5 inches across the top, with 10 inch sides.

I then folded the fabric in half the long way. And cut the fabric with the short edge of the triangle along the folded edge.

I wanted to create smooth edges, so I folded over about ¼” on each side and ironed it down.

I then folded the two triangles together and ironed the fabric into a triangle shape.  This gave me a nice smooth edge so I could sew the two sides together.

Next I pinned the two sides together…

And sewed them along the two long sides…

For the burlap I just cut triangles of the same shape.  I made sure that I cut the burlap with the weave on an angle because I thought it would help it to not unravel.

Now that I have all my flags cut, sewed, and arranged, I am ready to assemble the bunting.  I ended up with 44 flags, which is 11 yards of bunting.

To“string the flags together, I bought heavy twill trim that is an inch thick. I will use this to fold over the top of the flags and string them together.  To attach the flags to the twill I bought Steam A Seam, an iron on adhesive.

I left a few inches of twill on the end so that I can hang the bunting.  I then started by laying the twill out flat on my ironing board, then a layer of Steam A Seam, then a flag.

Make sure you layer these on the bottom half of the Twill so that you can fold the other half over the top.

Tip:  I placed a scrap piece of fabric over the burlap so that the Steam A Seam would not get on my iron.

After the flags are secure to the bottom half of the twill, I added another layer of Steam A Seam, and folded the twill in half over the “flag”, and ironed it down.

Tip:  I worked in small sections (the size of my ironing board) this made it easier to make sure the pieces were straight and adhering properly.

Once you have ironed all the flags onto the twill your bunting is finished and ready to enjoy!

{Thanks again, Krysten!}

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