Presto Change-O

I bought a gossip bench (aka telephone table) on Craigslist a while back.  {OK, OK… maybe it was over a year ago.}

It has been sitting in the entry way by the front door with its natural wood and old fashioned fabric, just waiting for a makeover. I actually liked the natural wood, but it was very aged, and the table part seemed to be more of a formica than hardwood, so it needed to be painted.

Luckily, the sudden up-turn in Michigan weather sent me on a spray paint frenzy!  So, while I was re-doing the campaign desk, I sprayed the bench white as well…

When the mister saw what I was doing, he said, “Surprise, surprise… You paint everything white.”   To that, I say, I painted my chair black.  Touche.

I used Imperial Trellis fabric, which has been done to death on the blogosphere, but I still love it.  {It didn’t hurt that I found it as a remnant for 50% off, either.}

Here is the whole entryway with the new bench on the left and the study on the right.   As you can see, there is a lot of blank wall space to fill.  I’m thinking of a gallery wall for above the bench, with photographs and art prints in white frames.

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, I’m definitely happy with the $5 upgrade that took this bench from drab to fab!

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1 Response to Presto Change-O

  1. Kate says:

    I looks great! I love that fabric. And people paint furniture white all the time because it LOOKS SO GOOD! haha. Can’t go wrong with white 😉

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