Eddie Goes to the Lake

A few weeks ago, the mister took Eddie to a dog park in the area which has a designated dog beach.  Eddie has not really been around a body of water before and was just hanging out on the dock.  All of a sudden, he put his front paws out over the lake and stepped off, thinking he was just going to walk on water.  And then he sank.  And flailed his limbs.  And sank some more.  The mister had to jump in to get him out.

Needless to say, we wanted to teach him how to swim!  We picked up a life-jacket for him and took him to another beach area.

He met some friends to show him the ropes…

But he wouldn’t go any further than where he could still touch the ground…

That is, until the mister got in with him…

Within no time, he was swimming like a champ!  {A champ with a life-jacket, but hey, who’s counting?}

A great time was had by all and hopefully Eddie will get the hang of the swimming thing without the life-jacket soon, too!

If you want to see some adorable doggie paddling, watch the 15 second video below…

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One Response to Eddie Goes to the Lake

  1. OMG laughed soooo hard my stomach hurt. Heard you giggle once, Amanda, I don’t know how you kept from exploding in laughter!! He is sooo big!!

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