Mud Room Progress

I did it.  I tackled a PERMANENT project.  One of those things where if I screw it up, I’m kind of screwed.  {I still hang everything I possibly can with command strips, so this is a big step for me!}  The project involved saws, drills, nails, paint… the works!  I’m happy to say, it turned out pretty great.

Here is the problem wall we have in our mudroom.  I say mudroom as if it’s a big fancy entry with lots of storage space to drop off your coat and shoes after a hard days work.  In reality, it’s mostly just filled with the mud Eddie tracks in, the food he spills, and the water he drips everywhere.

The water and food inevitably splash up onto the wall pretty frequently, and since the paint is the original builder’s flat paint, it’s not easily wiped.  It leaves streaks and marks every time.  Needless to say, the bottom half of that wall had seen better days.

I’ve seen so much board and batten inspiration floating around the blogosphere lately, and I knew this would be the perfect space to add it to.  There’s not room for much else anyways, since both doors swing in towards each other.  I’m not going to do a tutorial since there are so many better ones out there; a few that I used were here, here, and here.  {Some of these ladies did their entire rooms with board and batten and after doing this one small wall, I totally admire their patience!}

Basically, I drew up a plan with my dimensions.  It may or may not have taken like three tries to get it to work perfectly around that air vent.  Then, I taped it out on the wall to make sure it would look alright.

When I was happy with my dimensions, I took them to the hardware store and bought some pre-primed MDF in 1.5″ and 3″ widths.  I had most of them cut for me at the hardware store, except for the pieces that met the bottom.  I did a 45 degree miter cut on the bottom pieces so that they’d flow more seamlessly into the baseboards.

I would have loved to paint it all white, but unfortunately all the doors and trim in my house are slightly off-white, so I did my best to find a paint color to match them.

Much caulking, sanding, priming and painting ensued.  I’ll spare you the details.  Here she is in all her glory!

I added some coat hooks from Target to make the wall even more functional.  It can now hold Eddie’s collars and leashes that we always misplace and whatever else we feel like.

Thanks to Melissa’s tip, I was able to score an awesome 5′ x 7′ sage colored jute rug to lay down in there for just $17!  That’s unheard of!

It feels like it was made for this space.

The wall is so much more functional now that it can be wiped down after Eddie’s meals, and it’s a lot prettier if I don’t say so myself!

And, since everyone loves a good budget breakdown, here you go:

  • pre primed MDF = $26.30
  • mitre box and saw = $14.98
  • 1 – tube of paintable caulk = $2.28
  • 1 – tube of liquid nails for moldings = $3.47
  • 1 – quart of Zinsser primer = $8.47
  • 1 – quart of paint = $10.38
  • 7 – coat hooks @ $3.49 each = $24.43
  • 5′ x 7′ jute rug = $17

Total: $107.31

It’s far from perfect, but I’m pretty happy with it.  And for just over $100, including a saw and miter box to use for future projects, some leftover primer and trim/door paint for the house, and a nice 5’x7′ rug, I’m happy with price, too!

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6 Responses to Mud Room Progress

  1. kate says:

    It looks great!! It’s going to be so handy to have those hooks right by the door. And that rug is a steal!!!

  2. Just saw your ping back. LOVE it. GREAT job!!! I know that was a lot of work!!!

  3. Brieanne Fazio says:

    This looks great! I’m totally inspired to do this in several places in my house now! 🙂

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