Meet Parker

…the newest canine addition to the family!

My parents, brother, and sister decided to get a dog.  I think they were secretly jealous of how awesome Eddie is and wanted one of their own! :-p

He’s pretty darn adorable.  He’s a mix between a Chinese Crested (not the hairless kind) and a Pomeranian.

He’s just like Winston in that he’s fearless and likes to lead Eddie around by his leash…

And he likes to pose for pictures with my sister.

He’s kind of high maintenance; he didn’t want to get in the water for fear that it would ruin his hairdo.

He preferred to lay by the pool instead…

Look at those ears!  They make him look a bit like a fox…

It’s a rough life being a puppy…

But he and Eddie are already best buddies…

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6 Responses to Meet Parker

  1. kate says:

    He is SO CUTE!!!

  2. Veronica says:

    Awwww!!! How adorable. Love the picture of him and Eddie cuddled up :-p But um….do you think you could get Eddie a bigger kiddie pool? Lol. I love that he just chills in it.

  3. Veronica says:

    Haha! 🙂 Cute. I don’t know how you deal with a wet dog all the time though.

    P.S. Where did your parents get Parker?

  4. jami nato says:

    OH.MY.WORD. fluffball of love.

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