Another Quick and Easy Headboard

Well, I got bored one evening a few weeks ago and decided to make another upholstered headboard for the guest bedroom.  The great thing about these headboards is that you can literally make a stop at the fabric store and hardware store on the way home from work, and have the whole project done in an hour or two!

If you’re wondering where my IKEA Hack bed went, I sold it on Craigslist, along with the nightstand for more than I spent to buy and make it.  That’s kind of my rule; I’ll only replace something if I don’t lose any money on it.  I really was not feeling the low headboard, nor how low the bed actually sat since it didn’t have a box spring. It  just felt more like a kids’ room than a guest bedroom.

I used a faux leather material from Hobby Lobby and some nail head trim from Joann’s.  I had the piece of plywood cut at the hardware store such that I could just rest the headboard on the ground instead of having to mount it to the wall.

I ran out of nail head trim at the bottom since I used the roll leftover from our master bedroom headboard.  Luckily, it didn’t matter since it would be hidden by the bed.

The one tip I have from doing this the second time around is to make sure that the top left and right corners match up perfectly to each other and have even spacing on the top and sides.  The bottom doesn’t really matter since it won’t be seen.  I tried to worry about all the corners being perfect the first time around, so they all ended up being slightly off.  This time, I made sure to get the top corners perfect, and it looks a whole lot better!

I bought a simple adjustable bed frame to put the box spring and mattress on, propped up the headboard behind it, and viola!  {Note: The mattress store was wanting $50 for a simple twin bed frame; I ended up finding a ton of twin-queen adjustable bed frames, brand new in the box, for $25 at the thrift store…}

The nightstands were a Craigslist find which I repainted, and while I do like them, they are better suited for end tables since they are fairly large for the small room.  Plus, I have two campaign nightstands waiting for a makeover in the garage.

Ah well, I’m pretty sure I can sell them for more than I paid for them.  At least I don’t hoard them!  :-p

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2 Responses to Another Quick and Easy Headboard

  1. Fay Schyler says:

    There are so many options when you are looking at a new twin bed frame. Do you know any great resources to find more information on the options?

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