You’re Googling What?!

One of the fun things about having a blog is getting to see how people are being referred to your blog.  On any given day, I have a bunch that find their way via clicking through blogs I’ve been featured on or via other blogger’s blogrolls.  The majority, however, arrive from various search engines, and lucky for me, WordPress tells you the exact search terms that are bringing people to your site.

Of course, there are the usual searches, like “how to upholster a headboard” or “Coraline Halloween costume.”  These things and many more are totally understandable!  But, every once in a while, I get people searching for some STRANGE things.  I thought I’d share some of the more unusual ones that I remember…

1. “the headboards of famous people”

I assume this was in reference to my post declaring my love of the Draper’s headboard in Mad Men. However, why would one want to search for headboards of famous people? Do they think they will somehow become famous via osmosis while they sleep through the power of ” the headboards of famous people?”

2. “hoarders dressers”

Well, this one is obviously in relation to my post where I sort of admitted my furniture hoarding tendencies.  This was, however, a joke.  Why would one want to know about hoarders dressers? To see the contents of one for morbid curiosity? To determine if they themselves have a “hoarder’s dresser” based on a visual comparison?  I may be a furniture hoarder, but I certainly do not hoard junk to put in the furniture.  Jeez, I have standards you know.

3. “noah unicorns”

Um, I have no idea.  Can anyone shed some light on why someone would be searching for this or why it would direct them to my blog?

4. “girl with a tie and gun”

I assume this is in regards to my post on Halloween costume ideas where I suggested Hit Girl to be a hot costume for the year.  However, if you were looking for Hit Girl, you’d Google Hit Girl.  Why would someone search for a “girl with a tie and gun?”  Sounds kinda creepy if you ask me! I’m not sure I want those kinds of people visiting my site… hmmm…

5. “dog peeing on truck”

This is probably because I posted the picture of the fake dog peeing on the truck at the Auto Show.  It’s funny to mention in a post, sure, but do people seek out these figurines like the Holy Grail for purchase themselves?  Come on, now…

6. “young girl with towel around waist

I often get people coming in by searching for “man with towel around waist,” probably because I mentioned the Old Spice man as a costume idea.  I can get behind that, because they are probably looking for the Old Spice man but can’t remember the brand name, and even if they aren’t, he’ll be a grown man.  But this search term is just downright creepy; I don’t think I want those people visiting either…

Fess up: what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever Googled?!  Or, if you have a blog, what are the weird search terms that got people to your site?

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