Snapshots of the Week

I got my Warby Parker home try on package.  I was really hoping to find one I loved, but I just didn’t.  I wear my glasses a majority of the time because my eyes are so sensitive, so I couldn’t commit to wearing big funky retro glasses all the time.  I still haven’t found the perfect pair, so the hunt continues.

The mister and I went to see the new Planet of the Apes movie.  We both enjoyed it, and while we were there, we saw that the signs were up for a movie we are excited to see this fall, The Ides of March.  My sister got to be an extra in it since they filmed it in the auditorium at her school {U of M}.  We can’t wait to see if she made it in any of the scenes.  Plus, who doesn’t love Ryan Gosling and George Clooney in the same movie?!

We had my family over for a barbecue this weekend.  They brought Parker to play with Eddie.  Eddie was nice enough to give up his bed and his bone!

I’ve been loving this weather we’ve been having; Eddie and I are enjoying some nice long walks around the neighborhood.

And his favorite activity to do once he returns home is pass out on the cold tile floor.

I took a mini-vacation on Monday with the mister and my sister to Cedar Point!  The weather was perfect, and we got to ride everything worthwhile with minimal lines.  Such an awesome day!  The three of us rode the ripcord as well; the mister and I have been many times, but it was my sister’s first time.  You all get harnessed together and then hoisted up really high.  After the workers give you the 3-2-1 countdown, one of the fliers has to pull the “rip cord” to release the entire group into a free fall.  Thrilling!

I also cashed in one of my Entertainment daily deals {kind of like Groupon} this week for a pedicure and my first ever professional massage.  My wallet is sad to say that the massage might need to become a more regular thing; I’ve never felt more relaxed!  And how cute is this nail polish?  I love it.  It’s gold and sparkly and it’s by O.P.I.  I’m hoping that’s all I’ll need to know to find myself a bottle of my own.

I hope you all have had a fantastic week… enjoy the weekend!

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One Response to Snapshots of the Week

  1. Eddie really fits in that bed?!? He looks like he is 3 times the size of it from that picture 🙂

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