Train Themed Big Boy Room

Some friends of mine are getting ready to move their baby Sawyer from a nursery to a big boy room {to make room for another little one!}, and a little birdie told me that he wants it to be a train theme.  I pretty much love kids rooms and wanted the chance to help design one.  I tried to go with more of a classic train theme rather than a loud Thomas the Tank Engine look which he could quickly outgrow.

Here is the mood board I came up with:

This bedding from Target is the jumping off point for the room; it would be perfect for a little boy, and since it’s not specifically train themed, it could grow with him as well.

I’d paint the walls a light blue {color matched to the bedding} and paint the trim and doors a crisp white.

The green in the bedding will be a great accent color.  Specifically, a DIY upholstered headboard in the apple green would really pop off the walls!  I think it could turn out just as cute as the YHL green headboard featured in the moodboard.

Some inexpensive white curtains hung high and outside the window would make the room feel larger and brighter.

A white dresser {either store bought or DIY} would be perfect for clothing and toy storage.

Since the dad is a pretty crafty guy, I thought a DIY train table would be a great project for him to build for Sawyer.

For wall art, a few vintage train pictures hung in a collage of white frames would look fantastic and not too juvenile.  Also, a railroad crossing sign would be easy to make, and would make a great focal point for above the bed or dresser.

For the bedside table, an inexpensive apple green lamp would would be perfect, especially if it were embellished with train stickers inside the shade like the airplane lamp featured above.

And, since I’m sure they’d want to decorate on a budget, here is the breakdown:

  • paint – $25
  • bedding – $50
  • twin bed frame – $25
  • upholstered headboard {DIY} – $30
  • white curtains – $30
  • white frames for collage – $50
  • railroad crossing sign {DIY} – $10
  • diy train table – $75
  • green lamp with train shadows – $25
  • dresser {thrift store makeover} – $50

Grand total: $370

Not too shabby in my opinion for a room that is starting completely from scratch.  Hopefully I’ve given them some fun ideas to consider as they start planning for Sawyer’s new big boy room.  I sure had fun putting the mood board together!  🙂

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