We were lucky enough to score some free tickets to the Michigan Renaissance Festival courtesy of my uncle.  The mister and I have both never been, so for only a $10 pet fee, we thought we’d check it out.

I pictured the place to be a big open field with tents here and there and people dressed in weird costumes.  I was right about the costumes, but completely wrong about the setting; there were lots of old fashioned buildings and stages and rides that are obviously there year round.  This thing was a big deal.

Eddie loves petting zoos.  He stood on his hind legs peeking over the fence like this for quite a while!

We were walking past the jousting arena just as the show was about to start.  {I promise I was not holding Eddie’s hand; I was just trying to get him to jump up there and look…}  There were people in armor running back and forth with the jousting sticks hitting each other.  It was the most ridiculous thing ever.  I figured that there had to be horses and that there was no way all of these people were sitting here for that, but it went on for over 10 minutes, so we moved on.

We later saw the horses entering, and Eddie was definitely scared of them… he kept sloooooowly backing away!

We didn’t eat anything while we were there, but Eddie had himself an entire turkey drumstick! People were enthralled by this for some reason, so I’ll share the 15 second video we took of it too :-p


Unfortunately, we didn’t take any other pictures than these; we were just kind of taking everything in.  The festival was definitely not our scene, but it was fun to see at least once, and Eddie had an awesome time!  Thanks to my Uncle Kenny for the tickets!

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  1. Love the video of him eating the turkey leg!

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